The urethra pessary consists of flexible silicone with a steel spring filling which keeps its elastic form. The pessary is mainly indicated in patients with stress incontinence possibly combined with descensus but with still intact pelvic floor. The pessary might prevent the development of further stress incontinence by the thickening of the pessary which is supposed to support the transition between bladder and urethra and to avoid an opening of the upper urethra under stress situations like coughing or movements (Figure). A shifting can also avoid seeping of urine into the urethra, which may even have a positive effect on urge or a mixture of stress and urge incontinence.

The maximal uninterrupted period of application is 28 days. It is recommended that the patient changes the pessary herself, i.e. she may remove it in the evening and insert it in the morning. The patient should be trained about application / change by a healthcare professional.

The pessary includes a metal spring for stabilization. This can negatively affect test results (e.g. CT, MRI, X-ray). It can positively affect magnetic security controls (e.g. at the airport). Please remove before medicals / security checks.

The product must not be used by other patients and be stored by room temperature. The pessary may be cleaned under warm running water without using any disinfectant.