ARABIN® Cerclage Pessar perforiert



The pessary consists of flexible comfortable silicone. Like all silicone pessaries it is elastic, it can be folded and thus be inserted without pain. The cervical pessary is designed for the treatment of pregnant women, to support the cervix mainly in patients with additional complaints of prolapse (painful “downwards” pressure during standing and walking), pregnant women who are exposed to physical strain (e.g. standing for a long time), increased intrauterine pressure, e.g. multiple pregnancies or ultrasound signs of an incompetent cervix.
Before insertion, bacterial swabs can be performed to exclude bacterial colonization (no absolute indication). The pessary treatment should start before the cervix might be effaced at an early stage of cervical shortening diagnosed by transvaginal sonography. In patients with U-shaped funnelling a wider upper diameter (35 mm) might prevent unnecessary prostaglandin release. The pessary is not meant to close the cervix completely but rather to support it and to shift the cervix towards the sacrum.
In case of increased cervical/vaginal discharge perforated pessaries allow a better passage of fluids. In a randomized study it was demonstrated that increased discharge is not combined with a change of the bacterial pattern, infection or chorioamnionitis. It is thus not an indication for removal.


The product is for single use only and must not be used by other patients and be stored by room temperature.

  • ÖlçülerCerclage-Sizes 65/17/32 mm, 65/17/35 mm, 65/21/32 mm, 65/21/35 mm, 65/25/32 mm, 65/25/35 mm, 65/30/35 mm, 70/17/32 mm, 70/17/35 mm, 70/21/32 mm, 70/21/35 mm, 70/25/32 mm, 70/25/35 mm
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