Bush SL Ureteral Illuminating Catheter Set

Used for transillumination of the ureters during laparoscopic or open surgical procedures. Two catheters are provided to identify the left and right ureters. Transillumination helps identify the ureters and minimize the potential for trauma to the ureters. The light fiber extensions can be disconnected from the catheters to permit scope removal after catheter placement. Intended for one-time use. SL sets are 5.0 Fr catheters with no drainage lumen. DL sets are 7.0 Fr catheters with an internal drainage lumen to allow continuous flow from renal calyces to an external collection bag. NOTE: High energy light sources such as xenon may cause overheating of the anodized aluminum light plug. An appropriate adapter available from most lightsource manufacturers will ensure product safety and functionality. For Storz xenon light sources use Turret adapter 487UO.